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We are a theoretical and computational research group in the Exact and Technological Sciences Campus, Goiás State University. Our research explores non-Arrhenius behaviour and unconventional interactions in chemical kinetics and materials science. 

Our research consists on the calculation of the rate of a chemical and physical processes  (Transaction A 2017, Rendiconti 2018, Frontiers 2019), which has allowed expanding previous understanding of transition rate theory for chemical kinetics including quantum mechanical tunnelling (CPL 2013JCC 2017), the treatment of diffusion and viscosity in transport phenomena (Rendiconti Lincei 2015), the stereodirectional dynamics of reactions strongly hindered by the temperature effect (JPCL 2015, JPCA 2016) and the role of the intermolecular interactions in the supramolecular assemblies in condensed state (JPCA 2014, JPCC 2016).

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